Youth Dryland

2019 Fall Program

September 11th to November 30th

Atom Age Group: 9-11 years old

Pee Wee Age Group: 12-13 years old


Start Date: Wednesday September 11th

End Date: Saturday November 30th

Register: In person at 600 Bishop Drive

Fee: (you can register for either *one or **two sessions per week)

  • **2 sessions per week $360.00 (plus HST)

  • *1 session per week $240.00 (plus HST)

Program Duration: 6 Weeks


  • Wednesdays: 7pm to 8pm

  • Saturdays: 9:30am to 10:30am

Max Participants: 10

Minimum Participants required: 6

Program Highlights:

¨  The Goal of the our Fall Youth Dryland Program is to improve the strength and over all conditioning of its athletes in preparation for the Fall/Winter Sport Season.

¨  Athletes will learn the importance of off season strength and conditioning as part of their ongoing development as an athlete player.

¨  During the initial sessions athletes will learn the importance of prep work and proper warm-up drills, a safety first and injury prevention mindset, along with proper gym behaviour and training etiquette.

¨  Athletes will learn how to perform each exercise using the latest techniques and training protocols. As athletes base strength and conditioning is developed athletes will progress into more speed and explosive type training. (Note: Athletes progress at their own rate, based or their genetic pre-disposition, level of physical and psychological maturity and a willingness to push themselves to the next level.)

¨  Athletes will be educated and encouraged to practice proper lifestyle behaviours such as nutrition, sleep and mental toughness. They will graduate stronger, faster, more powerful and physically well prepared for sport and athletic activity.

BONUS!!! Did you know that Parents have access to our cardio equipment while their children are participating in our program sessions! Perhaps an added incentive for Mom and Dad!

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